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What is a C+E Category Vehicle?

Answer: A lorry or truck that has a gross vehicle weight over 7500kg with a trailer attached that has gross weight over 750kg. Examples include any large truck combination vehicle operated by many different transport companies throughout the UK.

To be eligible to take this test you must be 18 years old or over, entitled to drive a C vehicle by having passed your Category C (HGV Class Two) rigid bodied truck driving test (check the reverse of your drivers licence) and take the following steps.

1. Contact us to book your driver training course 

As suggested by a driving assessment or if you haven’t had/can’t have an assessment book a course duration you and ourselves feel will be sufficient to enable you to pass your LGV C+E Driving Test.

The driving test will last approximately 90 minutes, during which you will be required to complete a reversing exercise, uncouple from the trailer – then safely recouple the combination, then drive onto the roads during which you will complete uphill, downhill and angled starts, together with a controlled stop and moving away from the side of road in traffic.

The Trailer is laden with 8000kg of ballast load, which is required by law for the driving test due to an EU Regulation brought in to make the test more realistic. The mandatory 8 Intermediate Bulk Containers are filled with water and secured to prevent any movement during a driving lesson. The IBC’s are placed for maximum stability and traction, 4 are placed at the front of the trailer and 4 are positioned over the trailer wheels. It is important to ensure the weight is distributed to ensure the truck has traction for moving away but also the trailer wheels have traction for safe braking with little chance of a jacknife situation.