Driving Training


Course Information

What is a D Category Vehicle?
Answer: A bus or coach that has over 16 passenger seats. Examples include local buses on local routes, inter city coaches and coaches used for holiday tours.

To be eligible to take this test you must be 18 years old or over and take the following steps.

1. Visit us for a drivers medical, currently £80, phone us to book an appointment. 

The Doctor is with us every week, you can use your own doctor but the cost will vary up to £200.

2. Send off the forms we will give you to the DVLA with your driving licence. 

It will normally take around 3 weeks for your new licence with provisional PCV D1 category to return. Contact us once you receive it and you can visit us for an assessment/trial lesson. This will give you the opportunity to see what we have to offer and we can suggest the correct duration of driver training to suit your ability. If you cannot visit us for an assessment you could book an ‘average’ length course.

3. Book your theory tests

Tests are available to book online at www.gov.uk/book-theory-test , you will need to take – PCV Theory Test & PCV Hazard Perception, and if you intend to drive for ‘hire and reward’ you will need to take the PCV Case Studies, contact us for advice if needed.

4. Once you have passed your theory tests

Contact us to book your driver training course as suggested by the driving assessment.

The driving test will last approximately 90 minutes, during which you will be required to complete a reversing exercise, then drive onto the roads during which you will complete uphill, downhill and angled starts, together with a controlled stop, door exercise at a bus stop and moving away from the side of road in traffic.